"When God looks at His creation,
He doesn’t see Baptists, Lutherans, Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians;
He doesn’t see English, German, Italian or Asian;
He doesn’t see white, black or yellow;
neither does He see man or woman, the healthy or the suffering.
God just sees people that He loves!"

Phil Gale




CHAPTER 1:  THE MORAL OF THE STORY   Stories for Children

  • The Carter Family Stories

  • Where there’s a Will


CHAPTER 2:  THE DOUBLE-SIDED STORY   Mental Health Awareness

  • Judy Davenport

  • The Double-sided Story of that Man on the Street

  • The Enemy in the Closet


CHAPTER 3:  JOY IN THE CHRISTIAN JOURNEY   A Series of Christian Articles

  • More Than Just a Carpenter

  • Joy in the Christian Journey-Articles from 2001-2002

  • Joy in the Christian Journey-Articles from 2003-2004

  • Joy in the Christian Journey-Articles from 2005-2006

  • Joy in the Christian Journey-Articles from 2007-2008


CHAPTER 4:  UNEMPLOYED YES…UNEMPLOYABLE NO!   Practical Tips and Strategies for the Job Seeker

  • The Right Type of Work for YOU!

  • The 4 Keys to Career Success

  • Unemployed Yes…. Unemployable No!

  • 5 Steps to a Successful Career Search

  • Networking


CHAPTER 5:  THE BUMPY ROAD   My Journey with Cancer

  • Multiple Myeloma-My Story



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