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Phil was compelled to write. It was just in him to do so.  It took me an entire year to get to the bottom of the deep well of writing that he left behind. Phil had an extraordinary ability to clarify his subject matter with relatable examples from his own life, even within the seemingly mundane topic of job search.

Included in the collection are 44 Christian articles (42 of which were published) , a very raw and candid insight into his four-year battle with bone marrow cancer, a published article that provides a deeper understanding into the world of schizophrenia, as well as professional job search advice and stories that he wrote for his children when they were young. I devoured them all with an immense amount of pride and admiration, as, not only are they extremely well-written and practical, but are precious glimpses into his soul. My hope is that, like me, you will receive the benefit of Phil’s deep inspiration and insights as you read through the wide range of genres that are presented in the various chapters in his ‘book’ that I have titled “The Writer in Me”.


Phil’s purpose in life was to edify and encourage people and to offer support to them on their challenging life journeys, drawing from his own well of resilience and hope. And so may his writing do just that as it reaches out long into the future to touch the lives and hearts of those who were drawn here. For it is truly a privilege and an honour to share these with you.

Annabel Gale




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