Through the legacy of his writing, Phil offers you, the reader, edification, support and encouragement on your life journey.  As such, I would love to hear how his words have inspired you.


I offer my blessing to everyone who finds their way here.


Annabel Gale


Image by Aaron Burden

I would like to acknowledge the following people who have helped to bring forth the vision of this legacy website. I am truly grateful to you all.

Emily Armstrong from Starling Memory Designs for your brilliant creativity in presenting each of the stories and articles as well as the website itself, and for your immense patience with me as emails flew back and forth between us for months.  Without you this project wouldn’t have come to life. A huge, huge thank you.

Katherine Hann for all your help, especially in narrowing down graphic choices for the articles and stories, as well as providing valuable feedback on the website design .

Dr. Theresa Pugh for the benefit of your professional editing skills and for your insight into presenting Phil’s work as a ‘book’.

Mariah Simpson for the “4 Keys” graphic.

And my beloved Phil whose articles and stories constantly delight and inspire me, and whose writing deserves to live on.