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My Journey with Cancer

"I once went on a car journey from Dubai into Oman on to the Persian Gulf. At the outset, the roads were smooth with new tarmac, but once we crossed the border into Oman, all that changed. The road narrowed to a two lane highway, and shortly after we entered mountain country. The road here was a single lane cart track, full of rocks, boulders, stones, pot-holes and dust – plenty of dust. Although the scenery was spectacular with many views to see, caves in the rocks where people lived or stored equipment and food for their goats, patches of green grass and a few small ponds, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate on the pleasures because of the teeth-chattering, bumpy ride we began to experience. This is much like my cancer journey. It has been a very bumpy ride and I have seen life unfolding all around me, but I’ve not been able to fully enjoy or participate in it as I’ve so often been distracted by all the challenges presented to me along the way. Each patient with Multiple Myeloma goes on a slightly different journey, but here is mine, bumps and all." 

Phil Gale

Excerpt from Multiple Myeloma-My Story

Multiple Myeloma - My Story

Multiple Myeloma-My Story brings you a candid and, at times utterly raw insight into what Phil suffered through for four long years. It was incredibly important for him to share this with the world in order to provide a heads up to people who, in particular, are suffering with his type of cancer (cancer of the bone marrow.) But, I feel it will be enlightening for any reader, as we all know someone who has battled cancer, and tragically it continues to be one of the most unforgiving and relentless diseases on the planet today.

Throughout his cancer journey, Phil and I held the highest degree of respect and gratitude for the amazing staff and volunteers of the BC Cancer Clinics in both Victoria and Vancouver. The kindness and compassion shown to us was absolutely heart-warming. 

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Your Husband Has Cancer

Adding to the main piece is my personal article entitled “Your Husband Has Cancer”, because walking beside every cancer patient is a person who is equally important , yet often overlooked; their caregiver.

As we move forward  towards a new and more compassionate world, it is more important than ever before not to be afraid for others to see our real and vulnerable selves, our struggles as well as our triumphs. For this opens the door to authenticity and to greater levels of empathy as we seek to understand the real challenges that our friends and neighbours all over the globe are facing that no longer need to be glossed over or kept in the dark.

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