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Stories for Children

"The young of today are the adults of tomorrow, and even though that seems an obvious thing to say, there is a profound truth attached to it."

Phil Gale

The Carter Family Stories

Phil wrote this series of short stories specifically for his children when they were young to teach them wholesome principals of family and community living. They are based on the Carter family, a typical four member British family, consisting of John and Ruth Carter and their children Susie and David.  Each of the story titles represents the moral that is being taught.

1. Reaching Out

2. Doing The Right Thing

3. Many Hands Make Light Work

4. Practice Makes Perfect

The Carter Family Stories

Where There's a Will

Delight in a special day in the classroom as young Toby learns a thing or two from Will the clown about the benefit of not giving up.

Where There's a Will
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